About Erik K. Rauff:

Erik Rauff was born in 1945
Engineer (E) from Soenderborg Teknikum 1973
Merkonom at Aalborg Business School 1977
CEO and owner of Rauff & Sørensen A/S 1977 – 1995
CEO and owner of Shipmate International A/S 1983 – 1995
CEO and owner of Cetelco A/S Mobiltelefoner 1983 – 1988
CEO Simrad Radar Development ApS 1997 – 2002
CEO Danish Marine Service ApS 2008 – 2016
CEO and owner of Business Park Nord A/S 1995 – –

Erik Rauff and Erik Soerensen started the company Rauff & Sørensen A/S, which developed and produced Shipmate marine VHF telephones, GPS satellite navigators and electronic seamap plotters. The products were marketed through Shipmate International A/S and international subsidiary companies and agents.
The Shipmate Group was sold to Simrad AS, Norway.

Erik Rauff and Erik Soerensen also started Cetelco A/S, which developed and produced GSM cellular telephones. The products were sold through subsidiary companies and agents in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany.
Cetelco A/S was later sold to Hagenuk GmbH, Germany.

– Erik Rauff and Erik Soerensen had also joint ventures companies for technology development:
– Shipmate – Terma ApS for radar technology
– DC – Development for GSM technology
– Shipmate – Robertson for GPS technology
– MAN Alpha – Shipmate ApS for remote control of diesel engines.

All the companies were sold without the buildings at Oestre Alle 6, DK-9530 Stoevring.
Erik Rauff started therefore Business Park Nord A/S, a business community with more than 70 small and medium companies.

Erik Rauff has for many years been in international board of directors and also member of a working Group under International Maritime Organization, IMO, (developing marine radar standards).
Furthermore he has been a member of the board of directors in Dansk Industri and chairman in Vækstfonden